Does God even hear me? Does God care?

We’ve all been there; or will be. Someone you love has a terrible illness and you pray your heart out for them and have them on every prayer list you come across. But God does not seem to hear, and your loved one only worsens. Is it your lack of faith? Is it some unconfessed sin on your part? Is this God’s way of teaching you something? Are you not giving enough money to the church? Is there something—your time, your resources—that you need to sacrifice and give over to God? Does God even hear me? Does God care? The search for a reason as to why your loved one is sick consumes what little faith you have. But you only need a touch of faith to be touched in faith by Jesus’ healing presence. We so wish the healing for which we pray would be physical, restoring our loved one to their pre-illness state. But not all healings are physical. Most healings are spiritual, emotional, and social, except we cannot see them, or claim them, because we are solely focused on a physical healing. Jesus healed people physically. But he did not stop there; he also healed people spiritually, emotionally, and socially. We are all guaranteed one physical healing: the resurrection of the body after death. On this side of death, however, spiritual healings, emotional healings, and social healings are ours to claim when with a touch of faith, we reach out and touch Jesus in faith. This Sunday we will explore Jesus’ healing ministry and how that ministry is still available to us.

Mark 5:28 : For she said, “If I but touch his clothes, I will be made well.”