Part-time Pianist/Accompanist Job

Harmony Grove United Methodist Church in Lilburn, GA seeks a skilled pianist to join the music ministry team beginning
in January 2023. The pianist/accompanist will play piano for the congregation during church services and for the choir
during rehearsals. This position reports to Music Director and is overseen by the Senior Pastor.

About music ministry at Harmony Grove UMC
Harmony Grove UMC employs a part-time music director who oversees music planning for all worship services and
directs a small ensemble of volunteer vocalists along with a handbell choir. Our choirs act as worship leaders at weekly
services and a variety of regular church functions and special services throughout the year. Choir members are expected
to attend regular, weekly Sunday services at 11:00 and rehearsals directly following these services, August-May. The
pianist/accompanist plays for all parts of the service which include a prelude, hymn selections, offertory, doxology, choir
anthem, special music, and postlude.

Necessary skills
● Ability to play hymns, service music, and special music of moderate difficulty.
● Experience with and basic knowledge of church music.
● Flexibility, sight-reading, and improvisatory abilities desired.
● Ability to work collaboratively with others.
● Possess good organizational and communication skills.
Anticipated time commitments:
● Playing for both weekly Sunday services at 8:30 and 11:00am
● Rehearsing after Sunday services from 12:00-1:00 (except for June and July).
● Additional time may be required for special services and church holidays, especially Christmas and Holy Week.
● Responsible for selection and preparation of appropriate service music in coordination with the music director
including prelude, offertory, postlude, and music during distribution of Communion elements.
● Play as scheduled for special services, TBD.
● Play for choir practice (currently Sundays from 12:00-1:00).
● Play, for extra compensation to be provided by those requesting services, for weddings, funerals, memorial services,
and special events as needed.
● Arrange for acceptable substitute when unable to attend, with approval from music director.

Compensation is commensurate with experience and is paid (per service) on the last day of each month.
Total time commitment is expected to be 5 hours on Sundays plus independent practice time.

How to Apply
Interested applicants should submit a resume and references electronically or by mail by January 1, 2023 to: Music
Director @ Harmony Grove UMC, 50 Harmony Grove Rd., Lilburn, GA 30047 or at

After receipt of applications, candidates being considered will be contacted for interview and auditions.