Little Free Pantry

Little Free Pantry box in green and white.

Harmony Grove UMC, 50 Harmony Grove Rd., Lilburn, GA, 30047, is happy to announce our Little Free Pantry box is now in service. To access the box, use the driveway nearest Lawrenceville Highway (there is signage), follow the driveway toward the rear of the building and turn right as soon as you pass the first building.

Little Free Pantry News: Neighbors helping neighbors

Neighbors helping neighbors

9-7-2022 Pantry is open 24/7!

On Labor Day, while scrolling through Facebook I noted a post on the ‘Lilburn Local’ page from someone asking for food assistance for a friend who is the mother of three children. The friend lost their job and the author of the post was asking for help finding a food pantry open on the holiday weekend. The author had tried contacting half a dozen or more places and found none open. Luckily, her post was seen by someone who had knowledge of our Little Free Pantry and the friend was invited to come by and take what they needed. I followed up with the author of the post and they responded with thanks and indicated the pantry was exactly what the friend needed until a more permanent solution could be found. What a wonderful feeling to know our little box was there to help in this situation.

THANK YOU to all of you who donate food and funds and those who show up to fill the Little Free Pantry every day — even on holidays!

Contact Becky Nicovich to volunteer with this effort.

Many thanks to members of the congregation and preschool community who are supporting the Little Free Pantry. We have a steady stream of visitors to the pantry and your donations are providing a reliable source of food to our neighbors in need.

The visitors to the Little Free Pantry seem to prefer food items that can be eaten with very minimal, or no preparation. Also, containers/cans with easy open tops are preferred over cans requiring use of a can opener.

1/5/2022 We made the news at the UMC North Georgia Conference website. Read More.


  • TAKE what you need
  • GIVE what you can

Single serving food items that are easy to open items are preferred. Also personal care items.

Check out this list for ideas. It even includes “Meal Kit” ideas.

Ways to contribute to the Pantry

  • drop off items at the church
  • place small amounts of items in the box
  • make a financial contribution online (designate for “Little Free Pantry”) or by check sent to the church.
  • consider making this a family or scout project.

Mini Pantry Movement

A big thank you to Becky and Mike Nicovich for bringing this wonderful community ministry to HGUMC. 

The mini pantry movement is a grassroots, crowdsourced solution to immediate and local need. Whether a need for food or a need to give, mini pantries help feed neighbors, nourishing neighborhoods.