• The Unforgiveable Sin
    When Peter asked Jesus if forgiving another person “seven times” was sufficient, he responded with “seventy times seven” (Matt 18:22). The prodigal son (Luke 15) illustrates just how forgiving God is toward us wayward sons and daughters. Throughout the Old Testament, we hear of God being “merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in […]
  • Wonderful Wednesday VBS
    There are still volunteer slots available. Contact Gretchen Barker at hgumckids@gmail.com for details.
  • Accessing the Power of the Holy Spirit
    This past Sunday I provided a “diagnosis” of many Christians based on Jesus’ “withdrawal” from us in His Ascension and that in the wake of this, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us and guide us into all truth. The diagnosis is that many if not most Christians do not know how to access […]
  • Feeling Distant From God?
    A friend contacted me recently asking me how to deal with a feeling of distance from God and a loss of interest in going to church. Have you ever had this feeling—a feeling of being distant and disconnected from God? I know I have. In the literature on spirituality, this has been called “the dark […]
  • Engraved Bricks for Labyrinth
    We are taking orders for engraved bricks for our Outdoor Labyrinth. Fill out an order form either by printing it out through the link below or you can find them on the counter in the narthex. Please turn it in to either Barbara Smith or the church office. You can request an engraved brick in honor of, […]
  • Who has the authority to appoint pastors
    It’s been in the local news, our Bishop has written a pastoral letter, and the Wesley Covenant Association (WCA) has written a response. The story is about Mount Bethel UMC in Cobb County, the largest Methodist church in our Annual Conference. The issue revolves around who has the authority to appoint pastors and how this […]
  • Eyes Were Opened and They Knew
    From Adam and Eve, whose “eyes were opened, and they knew” (Gen 3:7) to Balaam when God “opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw” (Num 22:31) to Elisha’s servant when God “opened the eyes of the servant, and he saw” (2 Kings 6:17) to Lydia when “the Lord opened her heart to listen” (Acts […]
  • “Christ is risen, indeed!”
    “Christ is risen!” “Christ is risen, indeed!” Join us this Sunday at our Easter Sunrise service at 7:00 AM on the labyrinth or in the sanctuary at 11:00 for our traditional worship as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. The stone has been rolled away and the tomb is found empty. Death […]
  • Spring is the Season of Rebirth
    Spring is the season of rebirth. More than ever, we need rebirth. A year of quarantine, a year of pandemic, a year of social distancing, a year of wearing masks, a year of not hugging those you love, a year of fear and uncertainty, a year of death and illness. We need rebirth! As a […]
  • Another New Covenant
    I love the OT reading for this next Sunday. It is taken from Jeremiah 31:31-34 and talks about how God is going to make a new covenant with His people. Prior to Jeremiah, God had made a series of covenants with the Hebrews: with Adam and Eve, with Noah, with Abraham, with Moses, and with […]