Pastor Mark's Remarks

Paster Mark's Remarks
What's in a name?
Several people (Thanks Carmine and Carroll!) have asked me about my last name, so I thought I would use this opportunity to give you all the scoop. It is a hyphenated name–sometimes called a “double-barreled” name–and therefore a mouthful. Historically, hyphenated names have been used in some cultures, such as British, to indicate nobility: I am fond of “the Royals,” but we are not British nobility. In British culture a hyphenated
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Hit The Ground Running
You’ve heard the expression, “hit the ground running”; well, now I know what it means. Perhaps it is just being new and not knowing the routine, but a lot seems to be going on–and it feels good! I know in this pandemic, life has slowed down for many of us and it is difficult to connect, but I want to get to know you. Since we cannot connect the normal way
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Greetings From Your New Pastor
Greetings from your new pastor! In case you have not already figured this out, Harmony Grove has a new pastor and perhaps to your surprise, that would be me: Pastor Mark LaRocca-Pitts. Though I have nearly 25 years of pastoral experience most of that has been in a healthcare setting as a professional chaplain. This translates into my bringing here to Harmony Grove a rich and varied experience in pastoral care,
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