Pilgrimage Groups

Pilgrimage Groups

Pilgrimage Groups are different from other church groups you might have encountered. Pilgrimage Groups are not like Bible study groups, or prayer groups. They are not like women’s subgroups or men’s clubs. They are not even like worship services or Sunday School.

A pilgrimage is a journey or a search of moral, spiritual, or personal significance. Pilgrimage Groups are small groups that offer opportunities to explore life, with all of its planned and unplanned twists, turns, and results. Drawing on materials from a wide variety of sources, they are opportunities to connect our lives through sacred conversation: to have meaningful conversations about life, in all of its aspects.

Pilgrimage Groups use a wide variety of formats. One group has met weekly for lunch and conversation at local restaurants following the Thursday morning yoga class. Another group has met on an irregular basis for trips to spiritually meaningful local sites, such as the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers. Still another group has met monthly around the theme, “Your Life is a Sacred Path,” using the labyrinth as a guiding metaphor for a consideration of “where I have been, where I am now, and where I am going.”

The predictable thing about Pilgrimage Groups is that they are unpredictable. They form when there is a core of interest around a particular topic. Like a pilgrimage, they dissolve when that study reaches a reasonable destination or conclusion.

Contact the church office for information about currently forming or operating Pilgrimage Groups. You’ll be welcomed on the journey!!