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If there is information or images on the website related to you or your family you want removed, please contact the church at office@harmonygroveumc.com.

This entire website is covered by a security certificate, which means any information placed in a form is encrypted through its transmission over the internet as shown by the “https” in the page links.  Additionally, online contributions form data is used for recordkeeping and tax purposes. The contribution portion that records your credit card information is recorded on a secure site designed for those types of transactions. The website nor the church receives your credit card identifying information.

This website may have tracking codes that record information about the pages you view and your orgination IP address. This type of tracking requires you to allow “cookies” on your device. The purpose of this type of tracking is to give us information that will help us as we continue to improve this website. Questions about this website can be directed to office@harmonygroveumc.com .